Make a Reservation

Situated on Southend’s High Street, Oyster Court is the perfect place to relax and catch up with friends.

Oyster Court serve food and drink throughout the day.

Group Bookings

For parties of 20 people or more an area of Oyster Court can be reserved for special occasions
such as Birthdays, Stag or Hen parties, Corporate events and Wakes.


The Bar

Our well stocked bar offers a selection of beers, spirits and mixers, wine & Prosecco by the bottle or by the glass.

Weekly Specials

Chargrilled rump steak with roast tomato, corn on the cob, fries & coleslaw


Hot Dog with Fried Onions, Ketchup, American Mustard, Fries and Coleslaw


Club Sandwich, Bacon, Chicken, Lettuce, Mayo, Cheese, Ham and Tomato with Fries and Coleslaw


About Oyster Court

Brasserie and Sports Bar in central Southend.
Offering quality food, wine and beer at reasonable prices.

Showing all the main fixtures on multiple screens.
Reservations can be made using our dedicated booking system.

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